Minicap Technology Investment AG

Minicap is a CHF 100 million venture capital technology investment fund structured as a Swiss holding company. The company was founded in 1997 and capitalized in 1998 (CHF 60 million) and 2000 (CHF 40 million) to carry out direct venture capital investments in private technology companies.

Latest News

Interim liquidation financial statements 2015/2016 (pdf)

Minutes AGO 06.12.2016 (pdf)

Minicap Board

The Board of Directors of MiniCap Technology Investment AG is chaired by:

  • Clarence Peter, Chairman of the Board, (Senior Partner, Python & Peter)

Current portfolio companies


Tatis SA

Develops a software platform for custom authorities to manage end-to-end their custom work-flow.


Tatis Holding

Financial Holding with two main assets: a 20 % participation to all gains realized by Tatis SA, a perpetual 2% license on all SGS revenues realized in the European Transit


Dartfish SA

Leading video reprocessing and finishing technology for broadcasting applications and digital solutions for sports coaches.

Minicap Net Asset Value (NAV)

The Net Asset Value of Minicap is calculated every quarter. The portfolio valuation is determined in accordance with the guidelines of the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA). You may refer to the EVCA website for further explanations.

Minicap NAV per share including reimbursement of CHF 30.30 per share.



The AGM held on December 1, 2010 decided to reduce the share capital by a value reduction of CHF 3.30 per share. The par value reduction is not yet effective in the commercial register and therefore not reflected in the balance sheet as of December 31, 2010. The investors have an equity investment of CHF 9.19 per share and a capital reimbursement receivable of CHF 3.30 per share. The reimbursement to the shareholders will take place in March 2011.

NB: the NAV is audited once a year as at June 30, by PWC during the annual audit process.

For further information please contact Minicap Technology c/o Dr. Raoul Stampfli, Stampfli, Keller & Partner, Rötistrasse 22, 4500 Solothurn -